Design Trends for Property Investors and Owners

Design Trends for Property Investors and Owners

Boring neutral tones are not what buyers want this year. Instead, bright pops of color, luxurious textures, and high-end details are what people want to see in real estate in 2019. Stone and natural tiles are one option that checks off all the boxes this year because the material is full of texture and is very customizable. We talk about six of Forbe’s top interior trends for home design below. 

Green Everywhere

Soothing and calming scenes are at the heart of design. People want materials and styles that make them feel at ease. The fun part about this color is nothing is off limits. From metallic to matte and teal to natural forest tones, green is a huge trend in home design and interior color choices. Experts suggest using the color in various ways from incorporating living plants like grasses and ferns to using short and tall decorations with similar tones. For example, a trio of green candle holders in three different heights is appealing and fits many home styles. 

Adding Texture to the Walls

A magnificent way to introduce this concept into a home is to add a mural to create a feature wall. Using paint is affordable, and it is very forgiving if you make a mistake. Mixing wallpaper by adding stripes between rows of paint is a spectacular way to bring out a favorite tone in the paper design and creating different heights on the wall surface. Adding various shapes, overlapping designs, and using sponges can also provide contrast and add texture to your focal point. 

Graffiti Art

Street designs are new ideas some designers are finding favoritism with when staging and creating new home designs. From word art to ornate sculptures with gang symbols, this fad is interpretive allowing property owners to customize spaces and appeal to younger crowds of potential buyers. While this style is more of a custom trend, many high-end home designers are having fun with the idea

Design Trends for Property Investors and Owners

Industrial Shelving

Modern and vintage styles join forces in lighting designs, but shelving is staying on the contemporary track. Open designs continue to be strong in this style, but the colors are shifting to a more vibrant look. Homeowners do not want dark and dreary, but a more vivid style like with painted metal and shiny colors. Pewter is a huge switch from black, and new buyers are digging the change. Hardware colors are now a shelving option versus traditional cabinets with wood doors and metal pulls. 

Resort Amenities

Everyone is looking for a high-end feature when buying a home. From swimming pools to spa bathrooms to chef’s kitchens, a luxury appeal is the fastest way to drum up interest in a property for sale. Artificial turf may not seem to fancy, but it provides lush, green lawns in water-restricted zones, and it has no maintenance saving money on lawn care and equipment for mowing and trimming. Other features that appeal to buyers are outdoor kitchens, televisions, and fireplaces in the bathroom, movie theater basements, and bathrooms with rain shower heads. 

These features are excellent additions whether you use them indoors or outdoors. Buyers find televisions by the hot tub just as exciting as a shower stereo. Pizza ovens and chefs kitchens are both excellent options for homeowners. Fire pits and water fountains are other garden additions that make the outdoors look like a fabulous destination in a faraway place. The goal is to provide an experience that is like nothing else in the area to draw in bidders

Stone Tiles

This design trend is a popular idea because it is natural and provides a huge range of textures. Granite, for example, comes in many colors, and the veining is different depending on the source of the stone. The tiles can come in many sizes and shapes letting you create a feature wall, border, floor design, or backsplash depending on where you use the material. Lining up the tiles in a particular way can create a symmetrical design that draws the eye around the room. You can also use the colors and shapes in the tiles to create a focal point that no one can stop staring out depending on what reaction you want to invoke in potential buyers who come to the home showing. 

To stand out in 2019, your home can include any or several of the trends on this list. Mixing and matching styles and adding creative nooks appeals to all ages. Buyers are seeing these trends in many new construction homes and remodeling projects. You will also find these trends on the cover of many popular magazines and as features in design ideas from top networks like HGTV. Your location and market may dictate which trends are the most popular in your area. 

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